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Top 5 Upcoming WhatsApp Updates in 2022 for Android

In this blog post, you guys have information about the Top 5 Upcoming Whatsapp Updates in 2022 for Android and the rest for iOS we’ll cover in upcoming blog posts. Whatsapp is the world’s most widely used messaging application available for both Android and iOS both, and every time when we use the app, we find something changing over time, and new features get added.

Since, every day, a little change happens in the beta version and sometimes even features get leaked that is still under development phase. We’re only going to mention those WhatsApp updates that affect more on your daily App use. One thing that you should note, every update is related to only Android WhatsApp but maybe a mixture of WhatsApp and WhatsApp businesses.

So, this is enough introduction, let’s begin with our first update-

Upcoming future WhatsApp updates in 2022 for android
Introduction Image of Whatsapp Updates in 2022

#01 WhatsApp Updates: Code Verify

Code verify is an extension of your browser that adds an extra security layer to users while using WhatsApp web. Whatsapp and Cloudflare together come to announce the code verification that enhances security on the WhatsApp web.

When you install the extension in your browser, then the app automatically verifies that you are using either the original version or any malicious entity that has altered the WhatsApp version. If everything will be fine, the code verifies successfully verifies that you’re using the original and authentic version of WhatsApp web. During the verification the app can display various distinct messages like Network Time Out, Possible Risk Detected, Validation failure, Validated.

#02 WhatsApp Updates: Group Polls

In upcoming updates, you might get Polls creation option for groups very soon. The messaging app is working in the feature that allows creating polls in groups. Once the update (beta) gets rolled out, you can create the polls, it just needs a question that is expected to ask, and options to create voting inside the group to make decisions.  Since the poll has been created inside the group, it will be end-to-end encrypted and you can only see your votes and others too but only within the group.

Group Polls: wabetainfo

#03 Managing Business Orders

Whatsapp is working on a new business tool that allows businesses to manage and review consumers’ orders. The messaging app is working on a new section that allows viewing the list of orders within the WhatsApp business setting options. Also, you can access the option “Orders” in the chat menu of individual consumers that allows inserting Title, Price, and Quantity of order. The official confirmation is yet to be unveiled but leaks and screenshots confirm the news.

#04 Whatsapp Group Call Links

Till now, you are allowed to create links to invite your friends to join the WP group, but the messaging app is working on creating call links in the latest WhatsApp Updates that allow you to join any ongoing group call easily. Whatsapp is doing a great job to enhance the quality of voice and video calls further, integrating the ability to join the group call even if has to get started already with this update.

New Call Link in whatsapp update
New Call Link in WhatsApp update: wabetainfo

To generate call links, you will get the option to ‘New Call Link’ just create and you are ready to share it with anyone even those who are not on your contact list. It’s true that you can share that link to anyone anywhere but the call has end-to-end encryption, you need a WhatsApp account to join the call.

#05 Pause/Resume Voice Recordings

Well, how many of you have been used the voice recording feature to send messages on WhatsApp? Comment below

Okay, back to the topic, the social messaging app is planning to bring the Pause/Resume option in voice recording in its future update. Till the date, you guys either have to hold and record or send voice notes in multiple parts, but after the update, you will be able to find a play/pause button while recording the message. This feature is already available for beta testers and can be seen on both android and iOS devices. But if you wouldn’t find this feature to pause/resume recording, then Update your app, because might be the version of WhatsApp you are using is not compatible with the beta.

Play pause voice note recorder whatsapp update
Play/Pause Recording: wabetainfo

Final Words:

Not all the features will be available in near future, some of them might be already on your devices, some are near to debut, and some might never launch because not every feature that gets tested will launch for end-users. According to rumors, leaks, and beta releases, I’m almost 100% confident that you’ll definitely have many of these very soon during upcoming updates. We have been also mentioned some features that are not directly related to Android but definitely overlap with. So, if you are a social media enthusiast and have found this blog post useful and informative, then share it with your group and friends and let them know that you know it already.

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